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Rely on our expertise in partnership with the main global AI technology – IBM Watson® – to develop Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for your company.

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Organizations now have a vast array of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications at their disposal. By combining Bridge’s consulting expertise with IBM Watson technology, your organization will be able to move forward in using AI for your business’s most critical functions.

From the automation of relations with clients, suppliers and employees through AI-equipped chatbots; passing through the creation of predictive models for forecasting demand and purchase orders; to smart mechanisms for identifying patterns and textual profiles in data analysis. The following are examples of AI applications in the current scenario of companies.

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Smart Chatbots

Use chats with AI-equipped robots to meet the company’s internal operational demands, for relationships with clients and suppliers.

Demand/Order Forecasting

Create AI-based algorithms for demand forecasting, automation of purchase orders and supply chain optimization.

Identification of Textual Patterns

Use AI to support the recognition of texts and standards, supporting extensive searches, important for legal areas, contracts, purchases etc.

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There are many ways to use AI to increase the cognitive ability of operations.

Here are common examples of incorporating AI into the business environment:


Create virtual agents.
Create virtual assistants for employees and experts.
Transform Call Centers.


Extend documents, contracts, regulations, manuals, laws, comments etc.
Recognize objects in photos and images.
Understand emotional patterns.


Find relevant information in documents, articles and posts on the internet, knowledge bases etc.
Find patterns and trends in all types of data not visible to humans.


Recommend products or content.
Detect fraud, anomalies and risks.
Predict SLA breaches and bottlenecks.
Recommend processing/actions.
Recommend credit.

To assist companies in understanding how to use AI for their business, IBM recommends considering the following application cycle:

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