Portfolio & Project Management

Rely on a specialized team to configure and parameterize the main solutions for Project & Portfolio Management, ranging from web solutions based on visual management to robust solutions that embark greater capacity for control.

Official Partnerships
Bridge is an official partner of the main platforms in the market.

Choosing the best technological solution for your Project Management is not always trivial. We have separated the solutions available on the market into three major groups to support your decision. They include:

Simple Control for Web/Mobile Tasks and Projects

Solutions that prioritize ease, mobility and user experience in controlling less complex tasks, deadlines and projects.

Web/Mobile Solutions for Project Management and Control

Web/mobile solutions that deliver a good user experience, easy access, but also provide more sophisticated integrations and controls for projects.

Corporate Solutions for Project & Portfolio Management

Solutions for corporate project & portfolio management, which are robust for complex, geographically distributed projects, with control of the main management disciplines.

Solutions in which we have expertise to operate in the configuration and parameterization, shaping the best practices in Project & Portfolio Management, whether agile or traditional:

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